About Us

Our history

We are three brothers - Assaf, Mansour and Aref – who are natural born sculptors, passing down a heritage of carving stone through the generations.  We initially took the profession from our father Kamel Assaf and have since developed it, through the appreciation of ratios, dimensions, and the aesthetic standards of architecture and artistic sculpturing. We were also influenced and mentored by the works of our godfather, the fine artist Aref Al Rayess, and those of our uncle, the fine artist Fouad Al Warhani.

Our work over the years entailed various types of privately commissioned visual art work (stone and bronze statues, and sculptures, reliefs, and carvings) for individuals, private and public institutions. A number of these statues and sculptures are on display in our Atelier (www.atelierassaf.org), recently opened to the public in 2016.

Our philosophy

Our art work is carved out of our philosophy around the partnership between art and the environment (‘conscious art’):

  • Conscious art is a sophisticated expression of harmony and respect that is inspired by nature.
  • Conscious art is a mission of beauty that contributes to developing human awareness around the environment and nature.
  • Conscious art is the history of humanity's stages of development.
  • Conscious art is the reflection of the Being and an embodiment of reality in a beautiful way.
  • Conscious art creates happiness and dispels misery.
  • Conscious art spreads beauty and happiness and contributes to helping forget the problem of existence.
  • Conscious art devises positive aesthetic ideas and transforms them from imagination to reality.
  • Sculpture saves the history of humanity and its relationship with nature.