Atelier Assaf is a cultural, artistic and eco-tourism project that sits quietly in the fertile valley of Al Warhaniyeh, in Shouf Caza, and embodies the harmony that exists between nature, culture and art.

Surrounded by 10,000 square meters of virgin nature, the project is devoted to the journey of being reintroduced to a variety of local plants and trees, to the elaborate process of artistic sculpturing, and all the way to the authentic and cultural art of environmental and sustainable architecture. The Atelier contains a small botanical garden, a sculpture park, an art museum, a rural environmental house and a café. We offer guided tours, that can be customised to our guests’ visits.

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Our art work is carved out of our philosophy around the partnership between art and the environment (‘Conscious Art’):

Conscious art is a sophisticated expression of harmony and respect that is inspired by nature.

Conscious art is a mission of beauty that contributes to developing human awareness around the environment and nature.

Conscious art is the history of humanity's stages of development.

Conscious art is the reflection of the Being and an embodiment of reality in a beautiful way.

Conscious art creates happiness and dispels misery.

Conscious art spreads beauty and happiness and contributes to helping forget the problem of existence.

Conscious art devises positive aesthetic ideas and transforms them from imagination to reality.

Sculpture saves the history of humanity and its relationship with nature.