Nature - Culture - Art

Atelier Assaf is a cultural, artistic and eco-touristic project that sits quietly in the fertile valley of Al Warhaniyeh, in Shouf Caza, and embodies the harmony that exists between nature, culture and art. Surrounded by 10,000 square meters of nature, the project is devoted to the journey of reintroducing a variety of local plants and trees, to the elaborate process of artistic sculpturing, and all the way to the authentic and cultural art of environmental and sustainable architecture.

The Atelier contains a small botanical garden, a sculpture park, an art museum, a rural environmental house and a café. We offer guided tours, that can be customised to our guests’ visits, and that aim to:

  • Familiarise our visitors with wild plants and trees that are found in the Atelier, using their scientific names in Arabic-English-Latin plus their QR code – an initiative that is in collaboration with the American University of Beirut (AUB) Nature Conservation Center.
  • Introduce our visitors to the art and process of sculpting – starting with forming in Clay, casting in Resin and Bronze, then followed by the stage of Stone carving.
  • Acquaint our visitors with our rural and environmental house and the process of building it using stone and other natural materials.

We are open everyday until the end of October, 2021.

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The House

The house was built based on the rural, environmental traits of the indigenous culture, as a model for an architectural art that combines modernism with history. Constructed from natural stones with wooden ceilings interposed with clay and hay, all topped with a green roof of soil adorned with green grass. The basement built with traditional rib-vault architecture, is now a museum.

The Museum

The sculptures and statues displayed in the museum and in the Atelier grounds are a silent tribute to the people they represent (artists, scientists and cultural personalities); to the positive influence that have left, and still do, to the intellectual, cultural and social heritage of Lebanon and the world.